FA Cup Semi-Final draw, and Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United

Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United

A game that restored my faith in the English Game

And when I say ‘restored my faith’, I don’t mean I’m one of those English fans that hates the Premier League, and always moans about it being so much worse than the other leagues, because I love the Premier League, and it is by far the most entertaining league in the world. It is, however, lacking in quality compared to the big guns in world football (namely Real Madrid and Barcelona).

The number of stars on display in tonight’s game though is reminiscent of the old games filled with the world’s best. We’ve got, in the middle of the park, Pogba vs Kante, Hazard on the wing, Diego Costa up top for the blues, (and there could have been the Swedish giant playing as United’s striker), as well as David De Gea and Thibaut Courtois in-between the sticks for Manchester United and Chelsea respectively. I’m looking forward to this game.


Unfortunately, it looks like the red card is going to kill this game off. Mourinho brings on Fellaini almost instantaneously and it looks as though they’re gonna park the bus from here on out. Debatable whether it was a red or not, but I can see why the referee has given it, there’s been loads of stupid niggly fouls on Hazard so far, and it looks like Michael Oliver has seen enough. It’s tough to see any team in the world beating Chelsea with 11 men on the pitch, let alone 10, so in the 36th minute it’s Chelsea’s game for the taking.

1-0 (KANTE – 51’)

It’s taken a while for Chelsea to break down the defences of United, but we shouldn’t be surprised about that when the team is managed by Mourinho. Kante shows his class once again however, and slots it hard and low in the bottom left corner from the edge of the box. World class finish to beat De Gea after he’s been having an amazing game.


N’Golo Kante is on another level – and not just in this game, (in which he won man of the match, scored the winner, and worked his arse off yet again) but in the past two seasons. If Chelsea go on to win the league this year, he will be the first Premier League player to win the title two seasons in a row with two different clubs. If you take a look at where Leicester are now, and how vulnerable Huth and Morgan look without him in front of them (they’ve gone from looking world-class to barely Premier League quality), and how the formidable partnership of Vardy and Mahrez has fallen to pieces this year, it is easy to see the impact Kante has on a team. On the flip side, take a look at how Chelsea were doing last season, and where they are now (about to grab the double). I’m not saying it’s all down to Kante, but he’s definitely made the biggest impact in turning Chelsea’s fortunes around.


Shown below are the ties for the semi-finals of the FA Cup, to be held at Wembley.

Chelsea vs Spurs

Arsenal vs Manchester City

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